Tiny Hands and Feet Banner

Did you know that when medical students work on a cadaver, the hands, feet and face are kept covered? It is easier for the students to remain detached emotionally if they do not see the hands, feet and face – those parts that identify us as human beings, created in the image of God.

As I looked through the pictures of babies born to Informed Choices’ clients this year, I was drawn to the pictures of their tiny hands and feet. Tiny fingers where God places fingerprints, unique to every individual. Tiny feet that will later provide balance, keep him upright, and move him forward as he takes his first steps.

Your faithful partnership has helped our team introduce women to their developing baby through ultrasound. You made it possible for her to see her baby’s hands, feet and beating heart. You have helped save lives as 83% of clients who were considering abortion decided to carry their baby after an ultrasound.

With three children at home, 25-year-old Ariana came to Informed Choices looking for information about abortion procedures. She thought she would “just” take the abortion pill….until we performed an ultrasound. Her baby, at 16 weeks gestation and now the size of an avocado, really was a tiny human with hands and feet! She said, “the baby is that big?…I am almost half way through my pregnancy! I can’t abort my baby at this point.”

As we prepare to step into another year of ministry, we are reaching out to ask you for a helping hand. Will you consider making a generous year end gift so that Informed Choices can continue to introduce women, like Ariana, to their growing babies through ultrasounds in 2024? Please mail your gift today in the enclosed envelope or give online at support.informedchoices.org/yearend.


Sarah VanDerLip, Executive Director on behalf of the Informed Choices Board & Staff

P.S. The judge’s ruling on our lawsuit against the state of Illinois is not expected until January 2024 at the earliest. In the meantime, we will continue, unwavering in our dedication to our mission, because we know that we are not just saving tiny babies from abortion, or helping the new parents, but we are impacting families for generations!